About Us

Our goal at AIM is to give you the power to own the city!

get a copy of the keys of the city

Experience the classic Medellin tours in English, with all the amenities and luxuries. Our job is to make your journey here unforgettable.

We like to provide tourists with authentic, educational and quality experiences by creating opportunities for them to interact with locals in an unstructured, spontaneous manner: through sports activities, visit to local schools/institutions/ organizations and participation in local festivals and events and more. AIM develops tourism with dignity, respect and nurtures local cultures so that they enrich the tourism experience and build pride and confidence among all communities.

WE Got You Covered

Extreme Sports and Outings

Paragliding, bungee jumping, rock climbing and lots more.


From AirBnB to five-star hotels all the way to hostels and country cabins (fincas). 

Epic journeys

The best adventures around Medellín in breathtaking landscapes.